Product launches can be the most exciting periods in a company’s history. Yet only 30% of assets recover their risk-adjusted R&D costs during lifetime sales. Unmet need and a product’s value proposition play their part, but the quality of strategy, planning and organisational execution are also key determinants of a trajectory that is often set in the first 12 weeks. Two companies with similar assets will produce remarkably different results.

“Cello Health Consulting provided invaluable support in developing the launch strategy. As well as sound strategic input, they provided rigour, structure and clear process. They also gave focus to a geographically dispersed team and achieved the project in tight timelines.”

Cello Health has significant experience in launching products, having worked with biotech and pharma companies, and as consultants, across rare, orphan, specialist, and primary care sectors. Our LaunchPRO framework – Plan, Readiness and Organisation – is built on our deep understanding of launch, from critical thinking, coordination and cross-functional alignment, to the sheer hard work to get across the finish line. Our Launch experts challenge and support clients to deliver a robust strategy, with disciplined implementation, enabled by a focused and aligned organisation.