The world is not getting any simpler. In most markets clinical and commercial teams developing a long-range plan must negotiate a multitude of uncertainties that lead to a seemly infinite and perplexing range of scenarios. Somehow a variety of assumptions around technology, regulatory, access, product profile, competitors, and customers has to condense into a concise and coherent strategy.

“What I most appreciate about Cello Health is their willingness to tell us what we do not want to hear. We rely upon a number of external partners. Among all agencies, Cello Health projects result in the highest levels of confidence in the quality of the final product.”

Scenario planning is a powerful thinking approach that is becoming an increasingly important component of early phase planning, launch strategy and life cycle management. Cello Health are expert practitioners of scenario planning, employing a robust approach to build, identify, prioritise and characterise the scenarios that stretch strategic thinking. We design research into the future and fuse analytical and creative techniques to bring scenarios to life. Common and scenario-specific issues can then be translated into core strategies and contingency plans. You may not be confident of the world but you can be confident in your plans!