The ultimate goal of developing a drug through the clinical/regulatory process is about maximising value, not just FDA approval. Clinical failure cannot always be predicted or prevented, but strategic failure should be considered at an early stage when more optionality exists, the cost of capital is high, cash burn is increasing and impactful decisions are made to de-risk and drive value.

It is imperative that R&D, strategic and commercial objectives are aligned, and that product profiles focus on more than scientific value, outlining attributes that meaningfully differentiate the product in the future competitive landscape to all key stakeholders (Early Relevance Profile).

Value and Relevance Drivers:

  • What specific patient segment will derive the most value?
  • What product label will define competitive positioning in the treatment algorithm?
  • Which clinical endpoints will clearly establish clinical value and clearly differentiate from the competition?
  • How do these factors change as intrinsic (product-related) and extrinsic (market-related) factors evolve over time?
  • What are the key market access issues and barriers that will influence level of patient access to, and favourable pricing of, the product?

Cello Health evaluates potential opportunities applying our broad and sophisticated understanding of the current state of scientific, development, competitive and commercial environments within specific disease areas. Our consultants include scientists and biopharma executives with decades of experience advising and driving strategic decisions and initiatives for clients, that inflect significant value and facilitate financing, partnering and acquisition events.

“Defined Health (now part of Cello Health) were the brains behind the CAR T opportunity assessment that we did a few years ago. They created the treatment algorithm diagrams, conducted primary and secondary market research to assess the opportunity for [our] CAR T platform in heme onc, reviewed the competitive landscape, and informed some of the market sizing assumptions that we have used over the years. They really know the Oncology space…”

Financial forecast modelling is an essential component of Cello Health’s valuation capabilities. We build revenue forecasts (patient- or prescription-based) in a user-friendly plug-and-play Excel format to allow our clients to see in real-time how changes and sensitivities around distinct variables impact the forecast. In addition, we provide benchmarking valuation of individual assets, platforms and company portfolios, as well as risk adjusted NPVs in Excel with sensitivity analysis surrounding the key inputs.

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