Practical Ideas from Cello Health Insight as Meeting Customers Face-to-Face Becomes More Difficult

Practical Ideas from Cello Health Insight as Meeting Customers Face-to-Face Becomes More Difficult
Cello Health Insight

These are some of the practical ways that the Business Insights and Analytics teams at Cello Health Insight in the US, UK and Germany are suggesting clients can continue to generate business insights as meeting customers face-to-face becomes more difficult.

If you would like to learn more about how we can facilitate any of these approaches then please speak to your Cello Health Insight account lead who will be able to advise you on the best possible solution for your current research needs.

Now is a good time to prioritize Social Media Listening

Our specialist social media unit has 1 extensive experience of leveraging social media data to address a wide range of ad-hoc and ongoing research briefs.

Swap face-to-face interviews with Web-Assisted Telephone Interviews

We have conducted thousands of web-assisted interviews in most markets to supplement sample or accommodate tighter budgets.

Harness the power of Virtual Groups

We have found Key Opinion Leaders and specialists across the world often enjoy3 interacting with colleagues from different regions in this way.

Trust our framework for a Virtual Depth Interview to understand emotional drivers

Adapting approaches to suit a virtual environment and access emotional, out-of-conscious drivers and barriers.

We’re recreating the Backroom Online

We know how important it is to maintain the CL backroom discussion, so we’re mov5ing it online to listen into our virtual research but still enable the global teams to be part of the research.

And don’t forget Online Communities

eVillage® is our bespoke, invite-only platform hosting online communities that last from 1 week to several months. eVillage® has its own virtual client space for viewing, comment and colleague interaction.

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