In our current fast-paced world, answers and opportunities required to support new products and business development in biopharmaceuticals sometimes need to be clarified, quantified or nullified within a tight deadline. Cello Health’s rapid response option delivers on those needs by focusing resources to accelerate turnaround and meet decision deadlines, enabling rapid pharmaceutical research and analysis and rapid pharmaceutical strategy development. Rapid response may include qualitative, quantitative, desk, or business intelligence research, planning and strategy development, and/or internal workshops and workgroups.

Responding to an emerging company’s plan to hold a crossfunctional, C—suite level workshop in 3 weeks, Cello Health identified a list of experts in the client’s therapeutic area using a highly rigorous set of criteria, build out a very detailed landscape from existing sources and audit data, completely information gaps via in-depth 1-on-1 exploratories with the experts, and delivered the results as stimuli for an internal strategic cross-functional workshop with the client’s C-suite of decision makers.

“Nice job integrating the primary and secondary learnings and integrating it into the senior team workshop; great feedback from the team today and looking forward to our next project together.”

Cello Health’s rapid response service delivers at the same high quality output at the same level of detail and provides the value expected from the Cello Health team in half or less of the usual time.

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