Decisions about what and when to partner, and at what value and with which partner—whether your company is buying or selling (or in- or out-licensing) — are critically important to inflecting or depleting value.

A good deal aligns with corporate strategy and inflects significant value through favourable economics, deal structure and chosen partner and assets. A bad deal depletes value if terms do not sufficiently reward and enable the buyer/seller.

It is essential to outline and execute a partnering strategy that aligns with and facilitates achievement of your company’s corporate development, financing and pipeline goals. Effective strategy needs to reflect an appreciation of the value proposition, competitive landscape and positioning, as well as market access / pricing and reimbursement environment deal benchmarks, ensuring a favourable deal structure.

“I just wanted to thank you for the very insightful discussion today and the thorough report.  The team here is very happy and the  feedback you have shared is already generating next steps from the team….so glad to have you guys as my ‘dream team’ on this project.”

Cello Health is deeply experienced in business development and licensing across broad therapeutic areas and stages of development leading to multi-million to billion dollar transforming deals. We provide partnering strategy and support, including:

  • Buy- or sell-side Search & Evaluation—determines what, when, with whom and at what value to partner
  • Refining partnering “pitch” deck and materials
  • Buy- or sell-side due diligence—preparing for or conducting due diligence (opportunity assessments and positioning, evaluating mechanism, preclinical & clinical data, target engagement & biomarker strategy, target product profile & competitive landscape positioning, commercial, pricing & market access strategy, and valuation & forecasting)
  • Deal benchmarking and term sheet development
  • Preparing for and advising through deal negotiation*

*Cello Health prepares and supports its clients in seeking, valuing and securing deals but does not itself transact or negotiate deals



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