We believe that significant additional value can be generated by introducing commercial thinking much earlier into the clinical development process than may currently be the norm for many biotech start-ups. Arguably this is the point at which you have the greatest opportunity to maximize the future value of your asset. Bringing this commercial perspective into clinical development decision-making post Phase 1 could make the difference between being best-in-class or simply another also-ran.

Synchronization of clinical development and commercial strategy is at the heart of a successful biopharma brand. While the milestones along the way may differ, success for clinical development and commercial strategy is ultimately the same; a competitively differentiated product, with a compelling value proposition, bringing significant value and benefit to patients, healthcare providers, and the parent company.

“You are my preferred go-to partner because we trust your advice and respect your opinion. You push us to be better, to deliver more.”

VP, Global Commercial Development

Cello Health is experienced in helping small, growing cross-functional teams as they take on this challenge. We work in close partnership with our clients, identifying the key issues and needs that must be addressed and helping them to understand and prioritize the potential solutions available. As strategic navigators we want our clients to be able to make confident, informed choices and sound strategic decisions.

Our blend of consulting, commercial, and scientific experience coupled with our robust approach to TPP development and strategic planning makes us the ideal partner to help you navigate the complexity of the journey from proof of concept through to a successful commercial launch and beyond.

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