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Global impact through virtual expert engagement

Global impact through virtual expert engagement
Cello Health Communications


Our client is a leading biotechnology company providing treatment and care provisions within the MS space


How to effectively engage with MS experts across the globe through cost and time efficient initiatives to better understand the current and future landscape of therapies, while further positioning the organization as the cutting-edge leader in the space


Through our proprietary virtual platform our client is now able to actively engage with advisers to rapidly gain insights from a global expert network through ongoing asynchronous and synchronous activities.

This web-based platform (optimized for cellphone use without any app to download) not only provided a central and organized location to launch live web conferences from, but its extensive yet intuitive asynchronous tools were crucial to success (ie, assigning surveys, polls, and review materials for individual feedback or group discussion). The secure online environment also contained unique functionality specific to expert engagement initiatives in the healthcare industry and this allowed their experts to easily review and comment on not-yet-approved content in a highly-organized way. No asset download functionality was provided in that section of the platform and this ensured efficient, expert-led content development processes that resulted in easy-to-follow comment threads and instantaneous feedback report generation. Conversely, approved resources were made accessible to their expert network for download in the core resource library section of the platform.

Our client continues to engage subgroup committees in the platform, such as the Scientific Platform Validation Committee, to continuously revisit the scientific story and statements behind their asset. As new data emerge and key market needs shift, the platform serves as the most efficient and effective conduit for obtaining continuous feedback from global experts in order to ultimately disseminate only the latest and most impactful content around their asset’s value to the wider HCP community.


In the first 2 years with the platform:
• 140+ experts were contracted to the adviser network
• Advisers completed >300 surveys across 38 activities
• 25 core advisers participated in multiple virtual advisory panels
• The feedback gathered from the network has been used to inform strategic planning, communication activities, publications, and more
• The platform was utilized to develop Delphi consensus programs

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