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Device and intellectual property assessment

Device and intellectual property assessment
Cello Health Insight


A large multinational pharmaceutical company investigating technology developed by a start up health technology company


Our client needed to understand the extent to which a device with novel IP around needle-less drug delivery might provide a competitive distinction, enabling greater uptake of their injectable biologic. The output needed to provide stand-alone insights around the value and usability of the device and also roll up to inform broader strategic business considerations around investment into the device innovation itself


Focus groups with prescribers of, and patients using, self administered biologic injection therapies.

Stepwise discussion structure that:
Explored experiences around self injection, and contextualized anxiety around needles and injections relative to other concerns associated with the therapy
Introduced the notion of needle-less delivery, independent of showing the concept, to understand baseline reactions to the idea and understand associated expectations of  a solution
Described the enabling technology to solicit baseline reactions around believability and surface concerns
Using storyboards, revealed the device and its associated system components, highlighting key differences that would necessitate behavior change
Using storyboards, stepped through the intended injection workflow to assess usability, primarily from a cognition perspective
Introduced physical prototype to assess ergonomics


The research was able to parse enthusiastically positive reactions to the innovation (and a willingness to change behavior to use it) from a higher level takeaway around how it solves a problem that is already being addressed with current, less expensive technologies. Patients articulated a low ceiling for what they’d be willing to pay out of pocket for the benefit of “needle-less delivery.” Prescribers indicated that route of administration factors in very little in their prescribing decision, and that the innovation would not impact their prescribing behavior. This helped our client make a go-no go decision, in confidence, around whether or not to invest in the technology

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