Seeing into the future

Seeing into the future

The Future of Atherosclerosis

Feb 2014 – An early product development team had two compounds due to launch in 2024. Facing a crowded marketplace, with highly effective generics and at least three new ‘mechanisms of action’ launching before these products, the Cello Health team was brought onboard to explore and identify the potential of these assets in the future.

Cello Health Consulting, Cello Health Insight and Cello Health Communications collaborated on the project from the outset, bringing together experts from different capability areas to offer a robust and unified approach.

With a team of highly skilled experts in each component of the project, this Cello Health collaboration was able to:

  • Evaluate the future landscape of the therapy area leading up to and at time of launch, to identify the opportunity for both assets in a competitive landscape.
  • Identify and define the optimum commercial profile for both early pipeline assets.
  • Identify multifaceted future launch scenarios based on the future landscape.
  • Plan how to develop and position these compounds in the future therapy area.