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Raising heart failure awareness: Parallel Hearts Campaign

Raising heart failure awareness: Parallel Hearts Campaign
Cello Health Communications


We were contacted by a patient group that was established to provide support and nonclinical care for people with heart failure in the United Kingdom


We were asked by the group to devise and deliver a national awareness campaign that would challenge the status quo and highlight quality of life issues around living with heart failure


Despite almost 1 million people in the United Kingdom living with heart failure, many people are unaware of the condition, its symptoms, and the impact it has on people’s lives. We created Parallel Hearts, a campaign that would compare how the day-to-day activities of people living with heart failure, such as walking to the shops, can feel like climbing a mountain. We asked heart failure patients to nominate a family member who would climb Mount Snowdon on their behalf. We equipped each climber with a heart monitor so accompanying medical professionals could make heart failure comparisons. While those with heart failure waited at the foot of the mountain, we filmed the climbers’ progress, creating an emotive film that was shown at a red-carpet central-London cinema launch. We also created a series of supporting patient films and these, alongside the Mount Snowdon film, were used as part of a multichannel communications campaign for broadcast, press, and social media


Parallel Hearts was the most successful activity conducted by the patient group, attracting the highest spike in engagement seen.
At the peak of the campaign, the traffic to the website was over double that of a standard month, with 14,500 visitors in just 3 days
Twitter reached 189,411 people across 178 organic Tweets, and a Thunderclap reached 807,653 people across 14 countries
Facebook received wide engagement across all posts, and over the course of the campaign led to a 20% increase in the number of pages likes in just 2 months
The Mount Snowdon film was widely viewed on YouTube and national broadcast and press media reached just under 4 million people
The campaign has attracted international interest from heart failure groups from across Europe and is being used by HCPs. Success has continued beyond launch

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