10th February 2020

Join us at Cancer Progress May 5-6, NYC

Join us at Cancer Progress May 5-6, NYC

Join us for 2 days of insightful discussion, vigorous debate and generous networking at the 31st annual Cancer Progress Conference May 5-6 in NYC. Guests include eminent Keynote Speaker Michael A. Curran, PhD (Associate Professor, Dept. of Immunology Scientific Director ORBIT Platform, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Department of Immunology, Division of Basic Sciences)


Cancer Progress Panels

  • Paradigm-shifting platforms I, IO: Taking IO to the next Level
  • Paradigm-shifting platforms II, Non-IO: Targeting Better, Targeting the Intractable
  • Investing into Oncology: Who, What and Where?
  • Vaccines: From Paleo to Neo, Cancer Vaccines in the New Age of IO
  • Next Wave of Diagnostics, Including Precision IO: Early and Smarter, the Better to Cure
  • Inflecting Value in Early Stage Biotech ( in an Increasingly Cost Conscious Environment): Linking Proof of Relevance to Pricing & Reimbursement

Advanced Therapeutics

  • Antigen/platform pairings (“Forget Wine and Cheese…Get this Right and Your Valuation Takes Flight”)
  • State of the union for off-the-shelf (“In an ‘Allo or Bust’ Market, What’s Rising to the Top of the Shelf?”)
  • What are investors and partners looking for today (“How to Stand Out/Inflect Value in a Frothy Vat of Cells”)

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