12th March 2020

Cello Health Commitment on COVID-19

Cello Health Commitment on COVID-19

At Cello Health we are firmly committed to delivering our services and solutions to the highest possible standard, while protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff and clients.  We also understand the importance of partnering with our clients during times of uncertainty to create assurance that we are respecting their rules and policies and have the right procedures in place to ensure the safe continuation of business.

Cello Health has long been a supporter of agile working and we have the technology and capabilities in place to enable all our people to work effectively from home. We are also adept at utilising digital technologies to enable virtual workshops, meetings, and interviews to be carried out to great effect.  As such, we do not expect day-to-day business operations or client work to be impacted significantly.

We have a business continuity framework in place to support a variety of potential business continuity incidents, including the impact of pandemic illnesses.

As part of our business continuity framework we have a team in place across the Cello Health group who are carefully monitoring the development of the Covid-19 outbreak.

This includes:

  • Daily monitoring of the advice and guidance issued by the Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health England and World Health Organisation
  • Monitoring of Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice for staff travelling between our offices or to clients
  • Minimising or eliminating travel wherever possible, with a focus on adhering to government and local advice
  • Encouraging our staff to offer alternatives to face to face meetings wherever appropriate, and to offer digital/virtual approaches and/or deliverables to achieve the same outcomes for our clients
  • Regular gathering of information from our staff regarding personal travel and self-isolation of those returning from specified countries
  • Sharing regular Internal communications to provide updates to our staff, and guidance on best practices to prevent the spread of any illness
  • Extensive provision of sanitisers and disinfectant wipes with frequent deeper cleaning of all equipment and offices
  • Engagement with third-party suppliers over their readiness for dealing with a Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to continuing to take advice from leading public authorities, we will continue to enact our Business Continuity plans, watch carefully for new developments, adapt our policies, and put in place further appropriate and precautionary measures should this be necessary.

If you have any immediate questions or require any further information, please contact your Client Account contact in the first instance


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