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Growing both players in a duopoly market

Growing both players in a duopoly market


An established manufacturer in a biologic market is competing directly against one other manufacturer for a large segment of the population; only two companies currently market a product for that specific segment


Duopoly markets are common in biologics and pharmaceuticals—a product grows by gaining share from the other competitor, and the market in total shows little growth.

The objectives of this project were to:
• Identify analogues where both products showed growth in a duopoly environment
• Use analogues that met criteria that were a good match with the commissioning company’s situation
• Extract learnings from those analogues and apply them to our client’s specific situation



Learnings from the analogues were extracted and applied to the company’s current challenge. Steps taken by the client included:

Workshopping the case studies in an ideation session
One of the learnings, the need for above-brand, “white glove services,” was further explored in research and applied to the development of hub services for the client’s product(s)

Note that this project was accepted as a poster at the 2020 PMSA (Pharmaceutical Management Science Association) Annual Conference

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