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First deliverables for a US opportunity assessment

First deliverables for a US opportunity assessment


An emerging pharmaceutical company based in Europe showed strong Phase IIb results for its lead compound, seeking a rigorous evaluation of the market opportunity and a rationale to support either commercialisation alone, or with a partner in the US. In addition, an internal consensus was needed on the potential claims and priorities for successful commercialisation


An opportunity assessment was commissioned to provide input for the commercial strategy of a new central nervous system (CNS) product, requiring unique labeling, in a highly competitive market. Elements of the project included detailed market landscape;  qualified and nonaligned experts to complete information gaps from desk research in the landscape and provide an initial reaction to a target product profile; structure, content, and moderation of an internal C-suite workshop; quantitative research and a forecast model; claims structure and company vision statement; integrated executive presentation with detailed back-up

The internal workshop was prescheduled for less than 3 weeks from the kick-off meeting for the project


The Cello Health project team created the core elements; seeking approval of the following at the kick-off meeting (Jan 2):

  • Detailed outline of the landscape
  • Expert list, target product profile for testing, and recruiting script
  • Discussion points for the expert interviews
  • Workshop agenda and preread
  • Tight timeline

The Cello Health team stayed one step ahead of the timeline in preparation of the materials to meet all deadlines.

  • The draft landscape, identification of the information gaps, and the detailed discussion guide and stimuli were submitted Jan 8 and approved by the client Jan 10
  • The expert interviews were conducted Jan 11-12
  • A workshop facilitator’s guide and a deck for the workshop with top lines of the landscape and expert interviews were submitted to the client Jan 12-14
  • The workshop materials were updated Jan 16; handouts were created that day
  • Workshop was held on Jan 17


Summary notes from the workshop were issued and the project continued with the following along a more conventional timeline:

  • Quantitative research was used for forecast assumptions regarding product adoption factors; the addressable market assumptions were built from a combination of primary and secondary research (PowerPoint)
  • 10-y, patient-based forecast model under multiple scenarios (in Excel for ease of use by management, finance, and commercial operations)
  • Claims structure (in MS Word) based on the results of the Phase IIb findings
  • Confidential executive presentation (PowerPoint) appropriate for investors and those on the periphery of the project

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